This a blog where you can send any headcanons, confessions, or random dribble about the Hetalia nations that you like. The only rule is no controversial subjects (i.e. Holocaust, Economic Crisis, etc.). Other than that, go crazy and submit away! :)
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Yes followers, it is I your crappy admin

Super duper sorry for always making promises to post and then never doing and it almost didn’t even happen tonight

Seriously, photoshop took literally 45 minutes to frickin load!!

But, because I love you all so very dearly (and totally NOT because I was stalling preparing for a presentation tomorrow….) I decided fuck it and waited and posted anyways :)

Basically, as the semester begins to end I will be posting more and more so thats pretty exciting because this semester has been hell and I need a nice relaxing break in the Hetalia fandom ^_^

So yea, this blog is back and BETTER THAN EVER WHOOOOOOO

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No one can get lost in their own country, but the second they step into one they haven’t controlled before they are completely lost”

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Prussia and Canada always set aside the green skittles while eating them. When they have an entire hare’s worth, they sit together and eat them one by one, making a wish on every single one.”

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So first post in like 3 months…. sorry? ;u;

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-Hesitantly posts-

Gomen lovely followers, I’m so sorry I haven’t been active as of late. I’ve been so busy with classes or organizations that I’ve barely had time to sleep and eat let alone blog. I also have been dragged into the homestuck fandom which isn’t helping matters lol. But I don’t want to let you all down so I’m really going to try to update some this weekend.

Thanks for staying with me. Like I promised, this blog may be slow but I’m not ending it :)

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Mating Call of a Shingeki no Kyojin Fangirl

Based of the vine mashup video thug lyfe

By: rurouni-panda and thewinchestersgarrison

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Good news: Even though I may be slow as fuck updating I do not and never will have any intention of shutting this blog down

Bad news: I just got accepted into yet ANOTHER leadership position at school which is a huge honour but also a biggggggg responsibility which means that mun has no time on her hands!

But I promise, when I do find time I will publish headcanons. Thanks for being patient my dearies :)

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Germany and Prussia naturally smell like beer (in a good way)

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Nations and such aren’t conceived or born like ordinary humans.  They are born from the Earth and are taken care of by anyone who finds them.  They can also tell if someone is a nation, state, province, capital, etc. just by the feeling they get from them.  Nations can also tell if they are related to each other instantly

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Will you do more headcanons on the Hetalia girls?

Ok I’m not saying this to be mean but probably not

Only because I have so much to do for school and I recently got awarded a leadership position for one of the councils I belong to so I’m gonna be massively busy.  That being said, if I have the time to do a couple then I would be glad to :)

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Anonymous Asked:
Are you cool with authors villainizing and heroizing the characters in fanfiction and art for plot purposes and artistic affect?

Yea I am.  I mean, a story has to have a good guy and a bad guy or else it won’t be a good story.  Considering I hate OC’s (unless they’re Mexico, Israel, etc.) then someone has to be the bad guy.  

However, I do hate how often people villanize Russia.  Yes, I do not like Russian government, but Russia is so much more than their government.  They have beautiful people too so I think authors should lay off the bad guy Russia a bit